Who are we?
ComparoShop allows you to search, compare the prices of millions of products from thousands of merchants and optimize your spending. We sift through the offers and refine the results in seconds, so you can find what suits you best. We bring you the best of brands, choices and deals. With this, we combine the advantages of the Internet: immediate results and comparisons.
We work with several retail websites such as OnGeek, Prem-Market and JangaShop to bring you great deals directly to you. ComparoShop provides a platform for e-merchants to sell their products locally, helping Internet users to search, find and buy items with confidence.
As an innovative and creative startup since its inception in 2021, Comparo develops targeted advertising and monetization solutions in constant evolution, and adapts its technologies to meet the needs of its customers: ease of campaign management, m-commerce, behavioral and contextual targeting, ROI optimization.
ComparoShop is:
  • Cheaper: we help you save an average of 8% on your purchases by offering you the opportunity to compare prices.
  • Faster: With fast search results and daily updates, you can instantly compare the latest offers.
  • Smarter: we filter out the products you don't need so we can focus on what exactly you're looking for.
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